Why you should make a habit of planting tree

Everyone wants to do something great in their life, want to earn money and built some reputation. People start their own business, some donate to Ngo’s and charities, No matter what you do but it should give you pride and a self-satisfaction.There are other people who support environment, who loves to give something to nature, planting tree is equally important as having a job and earning the reputation.

I witness the extinction of some plant that not only shade us from sun but offers some sweet and delicious fruit as well. They are gone now cause no one ever tried to care about for their preservation and foresting. There are people out there who must have experienced the same. Now we all should take responsibility, whatever the tree, plant or forest we have, we will preserve and protect it.

It’s time to give back nature what we have already taken. As we know 80% of the forest is already been destroyed. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is the must-have thing for all of us.
So everyone needs to understand why it becomes so important to plant a tree. We all have to come together to plant the trees again because we are the reason for deforestation

Make your property eco-friendly

You can plant trees on your own property and make the environment eco-friendly. You can set up an example in the society and community and you can motivate too as well for planting a tree on their property. A tree should be present in every corner of the house it makes the environment fresh and can help you to live healthy lives. Trees also help in increasing your property value so now you have the economic reason too to plant a tree.

Food and shelter

One of the most important reasons to plant a tree is that they provide food and shelter to animals and for us also. They provide us food which is most important to live. Provide a great environment to live in, spreads positivity and freshness around.  They are helpful in contributing raw materials for papers, books, buildings etc. They provide shelters for birds and animals. Trees will help you to mark all the seasons you don’t need a calendar to know about the seasons. They clear the air and reduce pollution in air. Trees provide us important herbs and medicine, soils, rubber, wildlife etc.

Economic Opportunity

Trees provide a great economic opportunity to generate income by harvesting fruits and other vegetables. You can generate income as well as take care of environment too. There is being said by the researcher that if there is a patient who is surrounded by the trees can live more and can heal faster.
There are some medicine trees also which you can plant and generate income from that.
Trees are helpful in reducing stress and spreading calmness all around. They are helpful in improving the air quality by supplying oxygen. You can take fresh air when you are surrounded by trees and it is helpful for healthy living.

So as I have shared n number of reasons in front of you to plant a tree, first of all, we should understand the importance of having a tree. They are the reason we are living.
I hope now you understand the importance of tree and after reading this article now you know that how much it is important for all of us to plant a tree to improve our life,  it’s time to give back to nature what we have already taken.