Things to do before leaving your job

If you are planning to leave your job and don’t know what to do before leaving job you are at the right place. I am going to share some important things you should do before leaving the job. What you should do, what is your responsibility as an employee of the company and soon you will become the former employee. Finalize your relation with the colleagues, supervisors it will help you to get a good reference in the future and it will show your professionalism and manners which create positivity towards your personality and you can leave the job without stress.


A transition plan is a great idea before leaving a job it will ensure if you forget something. You should complete your incomplete work or project n time before leaving and not to transfer them to others.
Do all your paperwork before leaving and don’t leave anything for the future.
and don’t forget to recheck the to-do list before leaving


When people leave the job they lose access to their office-related things like emails, documents, and much more. So make sure before leaving that you have already saved the important stuff which you might need in future.

Exit Interview

An exit interview is a great idea to tell about your plan to the manager it will clear all the doubts and will help to maintain the good relationship with the manager which can be useful in future. It is also a great opportunity to ask for feedback about your work. You can  nalso share your experience in the company.

Meet up

Let’s say it is your last day in the office, what will you do. You should meet up everyone personally and wish them for the great future and can share your plan too that’s how you can end up your last day.

Update your resume and social profile

If you are planning to leave then you should update your resume to find the right job easily and update the same on your social media like Linkedin etc. It will help you to get the job quickly.

Work Samples

Don’t forget to take the sample of your work whatever you have learned which could be useful for your future job. It is very important because it will show your experience so don’t forget to collect them before leaving and gather contact information of your colleagues before leaving the last time.

Vacation Trip

You don’t want to take a trip but if you are leaving job then you must think about taking a small trip it will help you to clear your mind and it’s great to take a small break before starting the new phase of your life.

So I have shared some great tips which is very helpful and if you are planning to leave the job then follow all of them it will make your work easier and you can leave the job without stress and can start your new phase of life with joy.