Style yourself with your body type (Female)

Everyone has a different body in terms of shape and size, and you should know that what could be the perfect fit for you to look better. You can find out what would be the better fit for you according to your body. First of all, you need to understand what type of body structure you have, is it a triangle, is it short and then you can choose what would be best for you to look stylish. If you personally don’t know what body type you have you can read this article to get the information.

The Inverted Triangle Body

The Inverted Triangle Body type is all about proportion. If you have this body type then you are training personality who loves to get big chests and shoulder. If you have this body type then you definitely got the fashion. The main attention is your upper body but you have to attract the attention to your lower body as well to look better.

You can break up the portion into two by wearing the belt it will definitely improve your look and it will draw the attention to your lower body part too.


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The Rectangle Body Type

The second one is a body with a rectangle shape and it is probably one of the least flattering body types. The Rectangle shape body means you are in the same shape in terms of your shoulder, your hips, and waist.

You have to make changes in your body as the above body shape. The Inverted Triangle Body type is most flattering body type and you have to do completely change the structure according to same as Trapezoid. You need to make your shoulder and chest broader to draw attention on to your upper body part.

You can wear jackets having shoulder padding or blazer with wider lapels on them it will help to draw attention to your shoulder.

The Triangle Body Type

The third body type is the triangle. It doesn’t mean that you are fat but the triangle means you have larger belly and hips than your shoulder. If you have this type of body then you should leave drinking beer and should leave all the sweet kinds of stuff too. You need to make proper plan to start training. You need to pull up the attention from your belly to your chest and shoulder.

Wearing vertical strips clothes could be helpful for you it can help in drawing attention to your upper body area too.   You can also try jackets and blazers as mentioned above in rectangle body type it will drag the attention to your shoulder.

The Oval body type

The fourth body type is oval. If this is you, then you need to focus on broadening your shoulder and lengthening your torso to get a better look. You can wear trousers with stripes it will help in lengthening the shape.

The Trapezoid Body Type

The last one is Trapezoid body. It is the most desirable body out of 5. If this is you then you are lucky that you don’t have to change anything. You just have to make sure that your wears fit you well.