Reality TV shows – does it affects the kids psychologically

Nowadays Reality TV shows bring in children this trend has become very popular in the entertainment programs in India. Most of these programs are generally competitive talent hunts shows among children in the various stages of the childhood and teen. The shows “judge” on the various talents such as the stand-up, dancing, comedy, and on the many others.

TV Shows and parents

Most important issue is about the impact of this intervention of entertainment media on the children’s personality development. Private entertainment TV channels sponsors such reality show in order to gain more viewership and generate more money.

There are some parents and families who attract to glamour, and fame. They want to become and adapt their child from their starting phase to prepare them for their desire. However, only a few children might able to cross the line and complete their parent’s hoped. Since what happened to others it hard to describe in words how they feel, when they can’t perform and complete their parent’s desires.

There are so many reasons are there why these all entertainment media shows are so much popular. There is no denying that the TV audience for such event and program also indulge the children themselves.

TV Shows Impact

But it is also very important to consider the impact of such type of reality shows on the participation of children. Many factors play a significant role in defining the impact including the extent of rehearsals and practice. Nature of the program is pressure by the parents to excel, safety, enhancing motivation and the role of learning.

There are so many performing and entertainment media reality TV shows. The benefits for participating children are very far less than compared to the harmful effect that the experience they are having. It is also very important to keep up in the mind some things. This is not an actually very normal situation of the competition for growing the children.

Stage Of Emotion

Children are in a different stage of the emotional development. On the stage kids are not entirely emotionally ready to handle the rejection in a proper mature manner. When they fail to qualify or when they do not get appreciation their mental state could even affect the way they handle the pressure. Kids gets compare constantly to the others . There is an immense pressure on them to perform well. This may result in them feeling as though they have let down there, siblings, parents or other important relationships. We all have been gone through this phase and know that how small things hurts our soul in childhood. So now you can imagine it yourself how it would hurt when you got rejected in the childhood. It can shatter the soul and breaks you apart and then it gets hard for the children sometimes to recover. Reason, it takes courage and strength and children’s are always been soft soul so we can’t expect this from them.


It is, therefore, very important to make sure that such shows take some great steps to ensure. That no undue pressure is put on the children and they don’t take any more psychological pressures. They are prepared to handle at that delicate stage in their lives. Parents need to keep in mind all of these things before sending children’s to such type of talent hunt shows.