How one can turn his hobby into passion

A hobby is a pastime or a side-line activity that we wish to carry out during our leisure time. And passion is something that is beyond your ‘pastime’ activity. So, what is the major difference between a hobby and a passion? In simple words, hobby is an activity that you like to do while passion is an activity that you love to do. A hobby for a person may range anything from singing, cooking, painting to coin collection, gardening, writing etc. But passion is something you take it beyond than your hobby. Some examples of passion may include sports if you’re an athlete, dancing if you have a potential for dance, teaching if you’re good at handling students and is well-versed in the subject. Unlike hobby, passion may require you to put in that extra effort and hard-work. And moreover you should have some innate ability for that particular activity if you want to excel in that particular passion of yours. And unlike a hobby, passions tend to fulfill the inner fire in you.

Ways to identify passion

The universe says it! We are all passionate about something at some point of time in our life. The question you should really ask yourself is, what are YOU really passionate about? Is there anything at all?

For some people there are certain things that inspire them which lead them to take up something as their passion. While for some others, there are certain things that they love to do and want to make that a major part of their life. This is also called passion.

Well, there are few pointers to help you out to identify your passion.

For a minute, take a deep breathe, slow down, sit down and THINK! Write down whatever comes to your mind… your goals, your wishes, and your achievements. Secondly, try to differentiate between your hobbies and passions. Find out your favorite hobby and see if that really plays an important role in your life. If it does, then it is high time you make that your passion too. Thirdly, find your motivation and confidence. Find what you’re good at and how well you can excel in them. This helps you get one step closer to your success. These are the few simple ways for you to identify your passion.

How can one turn their hobbies into passion?

Suppose you are a good dancer and you’ve always wanted to dance your entire life. This is probably the time you realise two things— you’re good at it and you’ve been longing to do that your entire life.

These are the main 2 indicators showing that you’re passionate about it! This is when a mere hobby turns into a passion. Few pointers to help you further turn your hobby into a passion are as follows:

Speak to someone in the related feel so that you also a get a sense of idea if the decisions you are about to take is right/wrong. Secondly, give in as much as hard-work and dedication towards your hobby. Thirdly, be consistent as well as flexible with whatever you’re doing. And fourthly, it wouldn’t hurt much if you could do further research in the area of your hobby to find out if it is really worth turning that into your passion.

After all, being passionate about something is where the real essence of life exists.