Natural Food Vs. Fast Food – who offers better nutrition

Attention please! fast food with same amount of calorie not always results in same amount of nutrition that natural foods offers. When the food is to be healthy, it comes with a good amount of nutrients like vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, proteins, etc. That provides all the necessary elements to the body for a healthy life. However, these days, the trend of fast foods is increasing with a rapid speed. This has led the people to have food that comes with trans fats, sodium, sugar, calories, etc. As a result, health issues like heart problems, obesity, diabetes, etc. is also increasing with equal speed.

On an average, having a proper lunch in the afternoon would give you around 950 calories. While moving to any fast food restaurant would give you nearly 1300 calories, which would be harmful. However, there are some food items that come under healthy food items too. Here are some points that would help you know what should one select when asked for selection.

How much fat does your dish contain?

When it comes to calorie in natural vs fast food, the prime element to think over is the fat content. The fast food items prepared using cooking oils that come with low-quality. The process of frying used for preparing the food and giving it an appealing taste makes it rich in trans fats. Trans fat is a dangerous element that damages the health. It disturbs the smooth functioning of the heart increasing the chances of heart disorders or stroke.

On the other hand, having items like avocados, virgin coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, unprocessed oils, etc. reduce the chances of heart problems. It also manages your weight, and also decreases the problem of aging. Hence, it is necessary to check the items.You have to have a watch on the amount of fats you are in taking.

What is the sodium content of the food you have selected?

Yes, the amount of sodium also matters when you select any food for your tummy. When sodium added in excessive amount, it would no doubt increase the taste of your food. But having it more than adequate quantity would lead to problems like increase in blood pressure and heart disorder. Sodium is an essential in the body.It also naturally appears in the food items. However, it is also important to make have a balanced diet is also necessary to maintain its levels in our body. For this, one can increase diet that includes fruits and vegetables that unprocessed. The reason behind this is they are low in sodium naturally. They also help in controlling the excess levels of sodium in the body.

Just as the level of sodium is important to check, the sugar level is also equally important. When food item which is high in sugar level it would directly lead to increase in weight. The fast food items come with processed sugar that is harmful for the body. Instead, having sugar naturally is advisable through natural fruits.

Hence, while counting on calorie in natural vs fast food, always to go for natural food ingredients to promote good health.