“Kuchh bolenge to bologe ki bolta hai”. I was humming exactly this old song when i heard about the success story of SHAH TEMPLE ENTERPRISES. The wire published a article about Jay Shah company and their hidden facts on their website and this topic turned into trending over the internet.Things became more interesting when the wire attached a wire of company dramatic growth with the ruling party. It seems like, Vadra news 2.0.

But why everyone is so jealous about any particular company growth while this should be a proud moment for the Indians. Our country is blessed with such talented entrepreneur that can challenge any leading company around the globe in terms of revenue. Gujarat, as we all know is the land of business people, ideas are blowing in the air. Every time you breath in you gets an idea. I don’t see any wonder in dramatic growth of SHAH TEMPLE ENTERPRISES.

Reader discretion is advised :- content of this article is purely my personal opinion and i have no intention to hurt any one emotion by any means.

Points to be noted

According to the RoC, SHAH TEMPLE ENTERPRISES made crores in the FY15-16. Business person Jay Shah managed to get the handsome amount of unsecured loan for their business. Another business of Jay shah who supposed to do trading in stock, started setting up a windmill plant in MP. Shah lawyer warned and sue the THE WIRE for the defamation. For full coverage please follow THE WIRE.

How could someone close a company who made no profit in a decade and suddenly makes crores in a single year. Either the person who owning the business is not mature enough to handle such progress or he gets any jackpot. Or he had forecast about the demonetization following their company shut down. This is just a co-incidence, no strings are attached.

Mind your business

Yes, My single reason to peek into SHAH business is their growth. When stats says 9/10 startup fails in their first year of business. There is 1 company who grows their business 16000 times. This could also be the reason for the other 9 company to shut down their business. We have seen some well funded & most shout out company completely shut down their business. Aspiring entrepreneur of our country must wants to know the recipe to make crores overnight. At least tell us how did you get unsecured loan when your company was not in good shape.

I would like to thanks the government for letting us believe in their start up and make in India campaign. After witnessing such growth in a short span of time and that too in a agri business. Where data is saying that either farmers are committing suicide or they are on strike. Still there is some genius out there who can make money. I admire such talent. I don’t care about the allegation and counter case. If there is a way to grow business rapidly like this then i request to unveil the secret on ground. Without wasting time on alleging each other i wish, Jay Shah to continue their business.

Accusing to THE WIRE not going to help you in  anyway. I read THE WIRE article thoroughly and i couldn’t find any single word that might defame you or your business. He made a research on your company growth from different different sources and he wrote down his observation. Big corporate and MNC’s do declare their revenue, P&L on his own and when some forget to do the same there is someone who reminds those company in his own style.