Honest review of SAIRAT

29th April of 2016 that day film industries witnessed plenty of new release movies but very few was lucky enough to get the viewer attention. “SAIRAT” a critically acclaimed maratha movie received pretty much very good review from every critics and possibly with the public. It’s said that its an EPIC love story. A indian movie with love theme is quite common but since this particular movie received alomost 9/10 rating  on IMDB. Having this much of rating on IMDB and that too for an indian love story sounds quite interesting to me. I couldn’t resist my temptation to watch this movie although it took me about an year to decide and writing about them now is certainly useless still i am writing what i feel about this after watching it.

reader discretion is advised :- review about movie SAIRAT is purely my personal opinion and i have no intention to hurt any one emotion by any means.

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I did not find this movie an EPIC STORY. Love theme of this movie is as basic as you see around, in college, in tuition classes or in society. I have seen people who deliberately try to match up with high and classy girl. some are smart enough to calculate the risk and switch their love in between but some continue as if people gonna remember them as an love example. But ending is not always happy in real life too.I must admit that the actors did fair justice to their character. there was nothing sort of over acting it was a nicely portrait by the director and actors.

This movie has that same basic love theme plot where a lower middle class or lower class boy loves a girl of a rich and powerful family. everything was going as they wish or dream of unless the matter got attention to the girl’s family. Girl’s family did exactly the same thing even any other decent family would do the same to save their girl’s future. Of-course girls family could talk to the girl and make her understand but yes i do understand that this is not the part of screenplay.


Put away that baby scene from climax and think about your emotion level.do you think that your emotion level would be the same. This movie’s ending was not even close like a love story movie should ends rather its ending was like a crime or horror movie.  You killed the couple and left the baby like orphan and abandoned. Totally unexpected ending. If the girl’s family was that cruel then audience must be aware of that but as an audience what i saw that girl’s family who does fist fighting suddenly becomes butcher by the end of this movie. This is what disappointed me a lot.

I would rather give it 3/10 and that 3 too goes for all the hard works this movie unit did to make a movie like this with an amateur actors and extra 1 goes for the wonderful marketing skills and creating the hype for this movie.