When everyone were busy making fun of software engineer there is someone who started to visualize their life for general audience. Yes, I am talking about “ THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER “ (the most frightened and feared creature of nature exist in this world). This journey starts with FDLC (Frustrated developer life cycle). When i saw this short flick i was totally amazed by the performance of their cast. Screenplay and direction was up to the standard. For the people who hasn’t seen it yet please do watch it, totally recommended. If you have seen their earlier videos then after watching Aapada 3 you can actually understand the pain of a developer.

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Last night i was watching AAPADA 3 HOLIDAY AN ILLUSION. It’s a story about five software developer. who wants to have a break after working for every single second of their life as long as they are awake (Although it’s not true in real life but it seems after watching this short flick) and a Manager who takes all credit for the work, people does underneath him. Five of them plans to have fun in jim Corbett but the problem was to get the leave, and that too for the five people at the same day, It could put any manager in doubt but some how they manage to get the leave. Finally they were actually enjoying, the moment they left for jim Corbett but their happiness was like water bubble. it did not last longer as the manager himself was their too to accommodate them in each every way.


You will get the clear picture of a software developer world like how their manager ruins their life. Manager ensures developers that you are not a in office employee. I will make you work wherever i find you guys having spare time.


Screenplay could have been bit slower, it was like characters appear for dialogue delivery only. If the entire shoot was shot in jim Corbett then people would love to see the beauty of Jim Corbett from directors view. Every single situation was funny but not the expressions (bearable, I am sure they would not get time to rehearse as they have already devoted their life to their manager). Climax scene was the moment which concludes the entire scene and makes you laugh. It would be more interesting if there were more scenes like climax in between the movie.

Bottom line is, quite interesting plot well written and nicely executed. Effort and contribution of all individuals are worth appreciation. Definitely love to see more like this. Best wishes for the next project.