Honest Review of Ittefaq 2017

This flicks are for those who loves movies like murder mystery, suspense, thriller. As the story unfold, it surprises you every time with different tale from different culprit. This will leave you to keep guessing till the end. Very gripping story, I must say .No matter if you have seen ittefaq 1969 or not. Director serves the story of ittefaq 2017 differently and brilliantly. Story start with a car accident and rest is all about mystery till the end. When the story reaches to the end you will be certainly in a awe moment realizing that accused escaped the trial smartly. Yes, this is another B’wood movie in the list where crime wins over law and order.

It is an inspired version of ITTEFAQ 1969

I wouldn’t say its a remake of ittefaq 1969. Yes its true that the murder scene was inspired and the rest story is as fresh as debutante director. Its a story of two suspect involved in double murder stories that happened at the same night. Both suspects tell their tale to the investigating officer differently which leads flashback back to back. As a debutante director abhay will not let you confuse with the past and present of the culprit. Pre climax when you are convinced that mystery has been finally decoded another tale will prove you wrong. From start till the end of movie director succeed to maintain the thriller and mystery. You would miss songs in between the movie so this is for you.


On performance note entire team delivered his best. I personally couldn’t find any situation where i felt that actor is acting. It was so natural. Akshay khanna as a investigating officer did justice to their character and entertained us with his brilliant acting skill. Maturity in Siddharth acting is undeniable. Sonkashi part was good. Punch line of Tambe and co police officers is packed with humor.  As a debutante director Abhay maintained the legacy of chopra generation and proved his talent.


If you have not seen good suspense film in a while then you should definitely give it a try. If you have missed Akshay performance you should give it a try. Bollywood should make such type of movies more often. I would give it 3 out of 5.