Healthy recipes from Grandma’s kitchen that are quick to make

Remember the lavishing dishes, the fragrance of which dragged you to your Grandma’s kitchen!

No matter whatever the generation is, whenever it comes to special dishes, one would surely remember the taste of his/her favorite dish that was made by Grandma. Merely with the use of special techniques, some spices, and some healthy formula, Grandma would help your medicinal problems with traditional recipes. Some of the common problems that were solved through a healthy and quick calorie meal included acidity, stomach ache, increasing immunity, cough and cold, weight loss or weight gain, hair and skin problems, etc.

Here is a collection of some classic Grandma dishes that would bring your childhood in front of you again.

Macaroni with cheese

A widely liked Grandma recipe for quick food is Macaroni with cheese. The dish is loved not only by the kids but also by the adults. Whether you are looking for a light snack, or a tummy full dinner, this cheesy dish would give you a feeling of satisfaction at the end, without any kind of fullness. Simple to make and have, it can be prepared in merely 30 minutes.

Old fashioned chicken and dumplings

A quick calorie food item, this dish brings to you a healthy amount of soft chicken with some delicious and tender dumplings. This is also a widely loved Grandma recipe that gives a different taste when prepared in a traditional way. No doubt it requires some extra time and effort, it also requires special hands that have practiced the dish before to maintain its softness.

Banana pudding with vanilla wafer crumbles

This is a well-known dish that remained the attraction of several parties. The dish comes with a soft creamy texture, that is made from banana. It is also a dish popular among the 5 instant energy boosters. The pudding when made in a traditional way, surely gives the taste of that made by Grandma with a sweet taste.

Rice cakes

The favorite among the Grandma recipe for quick food, it is a traditional version mixed with a slight modern touch. Grandmas usually made small rice cakes from the rice that was left over making something new out of it. The patties or say cakes were than served with chicken, fish, roasted beef, salads, rolls, vegetables, or even simple tomato gravy and chutney to enhance its taste. Having some mushroom walnut sauce would also make a great combination.

Rustic Apple Pies

The word apple pie brings a number of waves of water in the mouth. And when the apple pie is made by following the recipe Grandma use to make, it adds to the flavor. Made out of healthy apples, this dish has remained quite favorable for the kids. It also comes with a number of versions to select from according to the taste loved by your family.

Apart from this, there are various recipes that are also included among the 5 instant energy boosters when prepared in a traditional way by following the steps of Grandma.