DIY Kitchen Upgrade

Research present that the kitchen is the only one place where upgrades are actually noticed and will reward you in future – either in the ease and efficiency of your everyday life or in the sale of your home. Unfortunately, renovating the whole kitchen can be very costly. The great news is, there are many different ways that you can now upgrade the pieces of your kitchen yourself!

Wall of your kitchen

Paint the walls of your kitchen. Kitchen likely to have a relatively small area of visual less wall space so doesn’t be afraid to go dark and bold too.

backsplash does matter

Install a backsplash. It doesn’t matter what it’s made up of – glass, tile, stone, wood, mirrors – or how complex or simple, a backsplash is both essential to your kitchen’s style and very highly useful in protecting the walls of your kitchen.


Must update the countertops of your kitchen –cover with tile, repaint,. Instant facelift. Layer concrete.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Change a formal cupboard into a pull-out drawer for private trash and recycle receptacles for efficient and responsible waste sorting.


Exchange your old hardware for new. An easy swap that can be done in an afternoon that will pay style (and function) bonus for years.

Transfer in other furniture that can deliver double-advantage in the kitchen – a painted colorful bookshelf, for example, adds storage and color for an unused kitchen wall.

Must upgrade the. Personalize bland, kitchen cabinet faces, commercial builder grade cabinetry with customizable materials or other reclaimed wood.

Install galvanized pipe or a rod for pans, hanging pots, and hard-to-store cooking utensils. Don’t forget for plenty of S-hooks.

Install a pegboard for wall organizer. You can hang pans and pots either directly from this or you can install the open shelves over top of it. Infinite storage with great display options!

Cabinet and Drawer

Custom-set up cabinet drawers for easy and great storage access. There are many other options for doing this, slide-out the tray made up from plywood on the full extension slides or including the installing railings for sliding the square plastic bins in and out. Examine what you have to store to find out the best fit for your kitchen.

Add in some bold colors, and some fabrics, a rejuvenating print will go so far in sum up the energy and life to your baking experience.

De-clutter your stuffs from the kitchen. If you have cookware or gadgets that you haven’t used in so many years, donate them to a more profitable cause (or kitchen). Actually, maybe this should be the first and foremost thing you should do to upgrade your kitchen – it will frees up and airs out from your kitchen so much space!

So these 12 ideas to upgrade your kitchen can actually save your dollars and will change the entire map of your kitchen. You can make it without spending a lot of dollars. You can easily afford the change it won’t go out of your budget. Give a try. You can see on your own after making all the changes.