Dad hat is back in fashion

A few years ago, we did our utmost to fight the idea that “daddy jeans” were a real trend. But these days, a new father-inspired article is becoming a bit more difficult to deny. The “dad hat”, as they are made known. Take their indications of the type of hats they see most often in people over 40 who live in the suburbs. You know what kind: the hat that gathered your pop in a corporate event / PGA tour / BBQ restaurant above average.

Something is happening at the top of our stylistic references and are not wigs or hair inspired by watermelon. No, this new trend is much simpler, more intuitive. Look

It is hard to stay fashionable without looking too demanding. If you are skeptical of playing with trends, using proven classics is a simple way to look good without risk. A V-neck sweater on an Oxford shirt will always be beautiful.

But we are not here to tell you how to play safe. We are here to tell you how to dress in a directional way. How to stand in front of the game and how to put pressure on your friends who have not read this article yet. These looks are not for everyone, but if you get them, you’ll be solid on all the boys who still dress as if they were 2012. Travel with me on the journey to dress you crazy without looking like a bully.

 Let’s take:


You have just spent the last ten years in banning the wide pants from the male fashion lexicon. You just learned to pin down your jeans and you launched six tickets to Saint Laurent.


It is fair to say that this traditionally disassembled and unpretentious cotton cap is having a real-time and has been repeated on high gangways such as Balenciaga and Gucci. Seriously, it’s time for you to hang the snap back in favor of something more universal. It looks good with any fire setting, and should be your helmet of choice. Today we have put together a variety of de facto modern covers for every budget. You’ll definitely find the right one for you. Champion Bio-Washed Cap  They are not structured, they are usually made of cotton and traditionally do not have such large embroidery. Yet, somehow, they have slowly but surely usurped snap back hats like the cool de-facto hat of the most hip-hop stars. Do not you believe it?

Dad hat is not boring

A Dad’s hat is not boring; These simple and fun hats are the perfect outfit to complete any look, from a sports jacket to a staples dress. Both men and women love daddy hats, and Spencer wears them in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can wear one outdoors or outdoors that looks fabulous in your outfit. Generally, a solid color with a phrase, image or logo on the front. These daddy hats can show off your personality or just add a special touch while holding your hair out of your face. Whether you want a hat Yes Daddy or who is literally looking for a daddy hat. This fun headset is just what you need to animate your wardrobe any time of year.