create stunning page layout in WordPress using elementor

Engaging audience on your blog site is an art. Along with engaging content, it is equally important to have great interfaces. Choosing between great and fancy WordPress themes is very cumbersome. chances are very slim that you might get everything you want in a single template, unless it is paid. it is common among blogger or content writer that they can manage to write a well researched long article in couple of hours. It’s the designing of page layout in WordPress that takes time.  It’s been said, great food can be enjoyed only when it is served properly. Same recipe applies with the web site too. No matter how engaging your content is, if it is not presented in a right way, you might lose your audience interest. lets dive in deeper to know a way to create stunning page layout in WordPress using elementor.


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I found a great tool who offers tons of functionality to customize your pages and templates as you wish. Designing with this tool is like dragging and dropping the UI elements to the page. Yes, it is that simple.  Elementor is a drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin. Being a designer or a blogger, this plugin is something you probably wouldn’t want to miss. You don’t really need any prior coding skills at all. If you have good taste of graphics and color you can simply design your whole new website with drag and drop functionality. Final result you will get, would not be less than any premium theme. Elementor offers great tools for UI designing. It is smooth and fun working with this tool. Elementor has plenty of pre-built custom UI template, all you need to do is to click insert into your page, and you are all set. It lets you build custom layout with a live preview.


Things we can do with elementor

Elementor layouts are a combination of sections, columns and widgets. Section behaves like a rows or blocks that you place on your page. Each section of layout can have its own styles, colors ,content and other UI elements. It’s easy to add anything in your columns and sections using elementor widgets. Widgets are actually different kind of content block you place in your elementor section. If you have any other WordPress widget plugin on your site, you can easily use them too as well. Elementor allows you to save your custom layout as a template. You can reuse the same template to boost your future designing work.

Additionally you can use custom css and animation effects to give your content a life. Actually there are so may option comes with this tool you can play with. It’s better to experiment with them and get some hands on experience.Hope i didn’t forget to mention that every features which i explained is part of free version. in case your website is craving for more, then you can subscribe for elementor pro version to get endless features. If you are new in the blogging then i will not recommend to go with elementor pro version.

Please check out this you tube video. You will get to know how easy it is to design any fancy layout with this amazing page builder plugin.


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