Beauty products vs natural herbs (Women)

Have you ever tried natural herbs ? You mostly use the beauty Products with the big brand name and Natural herbs used over Beauty Products. There are lots of difference and benefits of using this. Let’s see the difference between both.

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Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Cosmetics vs Natural herbs

If you are using Cosmetics then they have medical benefits which can affect your skin because it is made up of different chemicals which are helpful in improving the beauty and it is also used for skin diseases. It is used for sun protection, fairness, acne control, and other anti-wrinkles effect. It is also helpful in making the skin healthier and used for medical ailments too.

The concept of cosmetics and beauty products is back from the ancient times where people used to live in the forest and use different herbs to make the paste to look more beautiful.

Have you heard the name of “MultaniMitti”.  It is paste which is used by the ancient people but at present people are still using it because it has no side effects and gives you a better result with the skin softening?

Safe to use

The name itself shows that it is a natural that means it is free from all the side effects and will not harm your skin or any function in your body. Compare to other beauty product natural herbs are safe to use.  The beauty products can harm your skin or can make it jealous and cause pimples. The natural assures no side effects on your skin and body.

Compatible with all the skin types

Natural herbs are mostly compatible with every skin. No matter if you are fair or dark you can still use the product and it will now harm you. You will find the different natural cosmetics like Foundation, lipstick, and eye shadow.


Natural products are easily affordable as compare to the beauty products in the market. 80% of the world population depends on herbs a research showed by the WHO.

Cosmetics comes in a very fastest growing industry as being beautiful in today’s world is a trend now no one can live by doing comprises everyone wants to be perfect. Different benefit is there if you use Cosmetics Product according to your skin and each product provides specific results. You might get cancer if you are using cosmetics because it contains coal-tar and known as a human carcinogen and the main thing is that color of coal-tar can have you cancer.

You have already known about all the beauty products because we all are using the cosmetics beauty products and know about them. So I have shared about both beauty products and natural herbs.