Pour water into a aluminium pot (double the water for every cups of rice). Boil it properly and add rice into boiled water (it would be even better if the rice is not polished) . Cover the pot and turn down the heat to the lowest. Leave them covered for about 15-20 minutes.

Now as your rice is ready now and there are still some water there in the rice. Extract those water from rice and separate these two things into two different pot. Yes, you did it, now you have cooked rice water and rice. Did you notice After following the guidelines, you have fresh cooked rice water along with hot & cooked rice. Great, now you may enjoy your rice while reading the further post.

You must be wondering why i am telling you so common things.Don’t worry neither i have became a chef nor telling you how to cook food.

Reason for writing this is to make you aware that how you  can actually get rid off  your hair damage issue. I’ve heard, read and tried so many things to control the hair fall but the end  result never gave me any relief.

There are things which once start to falling down or going away then its become really hard to get them back but you can stop them to happening. Like if the time is running you can not stop them instead you can do certain things to use those times, right.

Hair fall issue are one of them. People in their teen age use lots of cosmetic to look fashionable. eventually this becomes one of the main reason of hair fall. however if  your diet is right your body and their parts will stay fit. Not any cosmetic which you use to nourish your hair gonna  give nutrition your body needs. so stop making fool your self and prepare a healthy and rich diet routine.

Day when i realized

Once i was in saloon to get my hair cut and when the barber combed my hair, I still remember that moment it was so scary,almost every teeth of comb was filled with hair. That moment shocked  the barber as well. He then suggested me to trim your hair from the root and massage it with natural oil. He said that massaging your scalp will make your root stronger. I did the same thing. since it took about 3 months to grow my hair back. I could not notice the difference. That oil massage did magic to my hair but the hair fall was still there. Reason for the hair  loss might be endless but the solution is always the one, proper nutrition.

Months ago i did an experiment with my diet and the end result was noticeable. I added cooked rice water into my regular diet along with the normal diet i intake. Normally i prefer rice water with salt and pepper powder. you can make your own recipe. Trust me after getting the result i blamed my self why i did not try this earlier. I am not saying this is the best nutrition one could get but yes ,this is the easiest nutrition you can get. The proven way to control your hair damage. Its natural so you don’t need to worry about the reaction or medical attention.

This is why i am writing and recommending cooked rice water to cure your hair fall.